Mike Ritterbeck
has been a photographer/videographer in the South Carolina lowcountry area for more than 20 years, creating high quality images for corporations, schools, sporting events, advertising agencies, families, and weddings.

Comfortable in the studio or on location. Mike has been the go to photographer for Fortune 500 companies as well as tiny local boutiques. His work has been published in Golf Week, Texas Longhorn Magazine and Hilton Head Monthly and Local Life Magazine among others. 

Over the last 15 years Mike has been perfecting the art of blending photography and video content to create  award winning documentaries, commercials and feature length films. His 2015  Silver Telly Award rewarded his skills as a lighting expert.

Mike has worked closely with  marketing firms of all sizes in his career and takes great pride in collaborating with the agency and the client to deliver unique imagery time after time. Intense, yet easy to work with, Mike was born in Pennsylvania but has made Hilton Head Island his home since 1984.

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Danielle Galella

brings a stylistic eye and a fun spirit to any photo shoot. She is your contact person behind the scenes, staying in touch with you pre-production to make sure everything runs smoothly for your shoot. She will be there on set to make sure you are relaxed and looking your best. With her creative mind and attention to detail, she knows how to bring out the best  in every shoot, whether it's high fashion or a gritty construction  profile. It's the little things that make the biggest difference and Danielle specializes in the little things. Her entrepreneurial spirit has lead her to create the Rosey Rapp, this summer's hottest fashion trend! 

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